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Flatbed shipping is essentially transportation for cargo. When you have large and unwieldy cargo, our trucks are here to help!

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Our wreckers are invaluable when it comes to automobile recovery. When your car is in a ditch or in a precarious situation, you can count on us to show up with the right equipment.

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With over 15 years in the industry, Car Wars Towing & Transport LLC does a little bit of it all! Our towing company is locally-owned in addition to providing fair prices and quick ETAs. Give us a call today!

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Ellen Albair
Ellen Albair
Great... have never had a bad experience with these people. Always request them.
Jonathan Sherrill
Jonathan Sherrill
Hub bearing went out so I just picked them from the list google maps gave me, not knowing what to expect. They showed up in a reasonable amount of time. The driver was nice and professional.They showed up with a flatbed, which is good. I don't know if they primarily run flatbeds, or if they really know their vehicles, because I sure forgot to mention it was a 4 wheel drive model. I was glad to see that flatbed, though. You never tow a vehicle with the drive wheels on the ground, which on a 4 wheel drive, that's all of them. Without a flatbed you either need dollies or disconnect the driveshaft. Not a problem with a flatbed, though.They actually used proper tie-down straps, didn't just leave it hooked to the bridle on the winch. That might not sound like much, but that's my first time witnessing such a thing personally out of the few towing companies I've dealt with.
Victoria Baur
Victoria Baur
My son and I broke down on I-10 in the middle of a swelteringly hot day. We messaged the ever competent GEICO using their handy app. Karl was on the scene as quickly as humanly possible with his trusty pink tow truck. The lovely Leslie was there and got me and my son safely into their truck and into the air conditioning. Did I mention it was 97 degrees outside? Traffic had stopped on the interstate, but Karl and Leslie found an alternate route to get us to a repair shop and a hotel. It turned out the hotel near the repair shop was fully booked. My son and I were stranded in the lobby! Karl and Leslie happened to check up on us, and when I told them there was no room at the Inn, they drove out to pick us up in their personal vehicle and gave us a ride to another hotel. How nice is that? I have never met two kinder people with so much character. They didn't have to go so far out of their way to help two strangers, but Karl and Leslie at Car Wars Towing truly embody what it means to be heroes. So if you are looking for a tow, look no further. Patronize them. They are really good people. One of the worst days on the road turned into one of those rare moments where you get to experience the best humanity has to offer. Thanks Karl and Leslie! Rock on!
Jennifer Hare
Jennifer Hare
Yesterday on May 28, 2021 was the worst day of my life my tire blow out and I call Car Wars and very nice man came out and he help me and my brother and I was so happy he came so fast. I have used their services long time ago for my car battery and yes on the same car. Yes I will used them again in a heart beat!!!
Elizabeth Williamson
Elizabeth Williamson
They were very friendly and professional. Gave me a amazing deal and was able to get the car towed for the the same day. It was very cold and starting to sleet that day but was more then happy to help me out with the tow. I highly recommend them and will use them again
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